Our Success Stories

When it comes to navigating organizational challenges for our clients, here are a few ways we deliver impact and help keep the efforts on point:

Engaging the Workforce

What: Helped a government agency rebuild its relationship with the workforce by introducing new ways for employees to engage with the organization and each other

How: Created a digital space for employees to interact by using a social media platform to build communities, share ideas, and post/answer questions

On point: The forum became the agency’s most active community, growing from single digit membership to more than 800 members in six months, and replacing traditional communications, such as telecons and email, which generated little engagement or attendance

Reinvigorating Learning   

What: Partnered with a government agency to reinvigorate its learning and professional development institute by introducing digital, on-demand ways for employees to learn and relate to information in new ways

How: Built a course catalog app allowing users to easily find, sign up for, and take training on-demand from their mobile device; developed microlearning courses and deployed on agency’s internal social media platform to increase engagement

On point: Since launching the app, employee course enrollments and completions have increased; microlearning courses boosted participation in the online forum and generated new buzz around learning

Reporting to Congress 

What: Helped FAA’s STEM Aviation and Space Education (AVSED) program highlight the value of its longstanding program, gain congressional support, and increase funding

How: Partnered with FAA’s STEM AVSED team to write a Congressional report to show the program’s plan to address the anticipated shortage of aviation professionals over the next 20 years

On point: Congress published the report, and Avyance’s further support has helped increase the program’s outreach to students

Branding and Marketing 

What: Helped an infrastructure-focused association rebrand its sustainability program to reflect advances in its initiatives and spark engagement with members and the industry

How: Conducted interviews with key leaders and program supporters to redesign the program’s look, feel, and messaging; created new marketing collateral for exhibits, conferences, and outreach events

On point: Avyance received a Gold MarCom Award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (ACMP) for marketing and creativity

Designing Mobile Apps

What: Partnered with the industry to promote and increase public attendance of aviation events across the nation

How: Build a platform-independent and scalable Aviation Events Calendar web app to enable information exchange between industry, educators, and general public

On point: Avyance launched the web app and created promotional materials to encourage app use and increase public engagement and participation in the industry-sponsored aviation events